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In Japan, we prepared the spinach leaves and placed them in a wire strainer. Then we very slowly poured boiling water from a kettle over the leaves until they turned bright green, indicating they were done. The taste was much improved. You then could top with a dressing such oil and braised garlic with a touch of soy sauce.

Ruth S

Similar to my technique, but leave in the garlic. I find spinach this way is a little bitter. Drizzling a lot of lemon juice and some olive oil and oregano over it gives it a great flavor. And it is easy to do more than enough to freeze in a zip bag. Stays well and easy to zap for a quick veggie.


When the oil is hot I add some orange juice and let it kind of caramelize, then add the garlic and then the spinach, and salt and pepper before serving. My favorite way to eat spinach at home, something about the orange juice and garlic...

Rose Schmidt

I, too, sautee some onion first for extra flavor. Once the spinach is cooked, I add a handful of pine nuts and/or a small amount of dried cranberries.


We love cooking spinach this way although I usually make only half the amount. I roughly chop 2-3 cloves of garlic and add some crushed red pepper flakes or a couple of dried hot red peppers because we like it spicy. My Italian family usually adds a light dose of vinegar at the table. The whole thing takes minutes to prep, cook and serve.

T.T. Nhu

In Viet Nam, after stir frying spinach (or any leafy vegetable) we sprinkle tiny diced garlic over for delicious
flavor. The more the better.


Indian variation: when oil is hot, add 1-2 tsp mustard seeds and a sprinkling of red pepper flakes to taste; cover with a lid and shake the pan back and forth until the popping sound has almost stopped. Proceed as above. Optional: once most of the excess water has evaporated, push spinach to one side and add a beaten egg. When egg begins to firm up, incorporate it into the spinach and serve immediately.

Suzanne z

The brilliance of this simple recipe is.....the comments section! I'm going to try the Indian variation next, or maybe the one with orange juice.


Always add something like lemon juice or tomatoes which are needed to break the phytates and oxalates in spinach. This reduces the bitterness as well as allows its nutrients to be absorbed by the body.


From comments: "In Japan, we prepared the spinach leaves and placed them in a wire strainer. Then we very slowly poured boiling water from a kettle over the leaves until they turned bright green, indicating they were done. The taste was much improved. You then could top with a dressing such oil and braised garlic with a touch of soy sauce."


I microplane the garlic. It doesn't burn and I get great flavor


My favorite local Italian restaurant serves this with grated parmigiana on it! And now, so do I.


There shouldn't be any, I've been sautéing bagged baby spinach forever in a similar way. I grew up with this dish, although my mom made it on butter and poured in a good glug of sweet cream (half & half or even coconut milk creamer will do nicely) at the end. The Austrian way!


I use less oil and splash soy sauce and/or red wine vinegar in the pan shortly before the end of the cooking time. The extra liquid speeds the cooking process and gives the flavor more pizzazz.


This is a wonderful side dish, but I like to add a little extra flavor. I add a little soy sauce. lemon, and crushed red pepper.


Love this. As others have said, lemon makes this brighter (and yes, I get that 8tnwiuld no longer qualify as a 3 ingredient dish). My favorite restaurant in Bmore tosses in Parmesan cheese at the end (or on top). Fabu

Dorothy Williams

This is so delicious


Perfect recipe. Very fast and easy. Squeeze a little lemon juice for a great finish.


I sauté with half butter and olive oil. I like extra garlic and sautéed onions. Sometimes add red pepper flakes and maybe a pinch of coriander to the onions/garlic for a little extra flavor before adding washed spinach with water still clinging - although it is perfectly fine with just the onions and garlic and sometimes a squirt of lemon…You really do taste the spinach. Delicious!


At the very end , before removing from pan, I add some wine (either red or white) and let it boil off.


Excellent side dish with fish! I got my wok hot and smoking, drop in the spinach with some chopped fresh oregano and garlic. Quick saute and half a lemon (juiced) splashed over the top. Wonderful!


Perfect. Made exactly as recipe states.

test cook

Delicious ! Love it as a side dish.


adapt for collards--thinly slice. Don't add garlic until towards the end and throw in some red pepper flakes then, too. Stir/leave in 30 second cycles--aim for somewhat crispy edges.


Be sure dry well the spinach after washing


This is simply Sicilian spinach a la Joy of Cooking from many years ago. It’s great!


Make this!! Sauteed some onions in bacon grease and olive oil, stirred in spinach, added salt and pepper — and like that it was ready and delicious.

Linda Townshend

Love this! Yesterday I used my mandoline and protective gloves to slice the garlic clove super thin. Then I sautéed it in olive oil until it just began to color, added red pepper flakes and the freshly rinsed spinach. As soon as the leaves begin to shrink I stirred once, covered and let it finish itself. It was good, but I never seem to make enough.

Trial and Error

I tried beaconps technique of pouring boiling water over spinach leaves, and found that very satisfying. Thanks very much.


I find letting the spinach leaves air dry prior to adding to the pan means less water. I also use fairly high heat, letting the oil get very hot just before adding garlic for 30 secs, then spinach, and use tongs to toss leaves around so they wilt more evenly. I also leave a good portion of the stems on.

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Sautéed Spinach Recipe (2024)


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