Avocado Salad With Herbs and Capers Recipe (2024)



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Erich Hayner

The secret to keeping cut avacado green is to use a widely available product by Ball® called Fruit Fresh®. It is vitamin C or ascorbic acid powder, which can also be used.Added to guacamole, it will remain unoxidized and green for an astonishingly long time.This product works on many vegetables and fruits (it is outstanding for soaking raw artichokes).No, this isn't an advert, I'm just a guy in Oakland California.


With 50-iwh notes so far about how to buy and ripen avocados and keep them from browning after cutting, thought I'd weigh in with a comment on the recipe itself. Made it this afternoon. As written. Simple to make, simply delicious to eat. No need to worry about how to keep the avocados from discoloring, as discussion here, since they are sliced, plated and eaten in pretty quick order. One clove of garlic was ample. This dish, good bread, white wine. Sunday "L-inner"!


I schedule my avocados, buying them -- hard as a rock -- four or five days in advance of using. More often than not they're perfect when I use them. And if I have extra ripened avocados, they store nicely in the fridge for a couple of days.


For those of you who hate cilantro (cilantro=soap), arugula is a nice substitute! It can be a little peppery/bitter, but contrasts nicely with the avocado.

Jane H.

I am one of those genetic cilantro=soap people. (I know I'm not alone.) The rest of this recipe looks so good! I'd appreciate a suggestion for a cilantro substitute.


I made this a second time but with fresh lemon juice instead of vinegar and we preferred the less tart effect. Then topped it with small shrimp- yummy!


Timing is everything! When I was in charge of salads at a farm to table restaurant, keeping perfect avocados at the ready was very important. To coax the hard ones towards perfection more quickly I would put them in a large paper bag with some apples, fold the bag closed and stick it up on a shelf. This works ver well to speed up the ripening of the avocado, but not miracles. I would tend to my bags of avocados everyday after lunch shift, all of them at different stages moving towards bliss.


I just made this for my husband and me for dinner tonight. It was so delicious that the two of us ate the entire salad. Melissa is amazing with her recipes - they are the simplest ingredients and directions and they turn out tasting like heaven. How does she do that??!P.S. I put the vinegar, olive oil, salt and vinegar in a small jar and shook it. Then mixed it with the chopped herbs. Placed the avocado and capers on top of the plated dressed herbs. Easy!


I'm surprised that Melissa doesn't seem to know, that the trick is to always buy hard avocados, then put them in a dark place(a bread box is good for this), and they'll ripen to perfection in just a day or two! Test for ripeness by gently pressing on the tip around where the stem was- it should be soft in that spot, but not all over, for perfection.


Always buy avocados hard and unripe and let them ripen on the counter. The rate of ripening will depend on the temperature, so in general, they ripen faster in summer than winter. You will soon know the schedule. I never put them in a drawer, lest I forget and often put them with other fruit on the dining room table — right in front of my eyes.Buying them hard reduces risk of bruises on the way home. I ask cashier to let me handle them and make sure to cushion them for transport. Fanatic.


I added a can of rinsed cannellni beans. Perfect!


This is incredibly good. I actually didn’t think it needed the olive oil at all so left it out. I agree one cloves of garlic is plenty (and I am a garlic lover). I’m sure if you don’t like cilantro or it tastes bad to you (I’m sorry) sub basil. I think tomatoes would be good with it

Rick Bray

Instead of fresh jalapeños try crushed, dried red chilis.


You can buy hard avocados and ripen them in a small paper bag. It takes about 3 days. Once they are slightly soft to the touch, put them in the refrigerator. They will keep quite awhile.


The first thing to look for is the Product of Mexico label. Forgive me Peru, but yours are simply not as good - less flavor, tendency to have fibers. If you are in a hurry and you need the avocado that day, make sure the skin is relatively smooth and almost black. Pick that one up and if it gives ever so slightly, chances are it will be perfect.


Just super! I've made it 3 times since discovering it last week. This is the best way top use parsley and cilantro before they get tired. I make 1/4 recipe for 2 and serve as a side salad. A nice change from other avocado based salads.

dylan olivia

Amazing! Double the garlic and only had three avocados. Russ & Daughters capers, always.


Outstanding! The flavors were perfect - the red wine vinegar provided a very gentle punch against the succulence of the avocados. I wasn't sure about the raw garlic, if it would overpower the avocado, but it provided great flavor.

Kentfield Barbara

Great salad but I added halved cherry tomatoes for color and taste along with a sprinkling of pepitas.


Cilantro lover here, I wanted a quick green salad to accompany some leftover Mexican enchiladas from Chuy's. I also had bought a fresh bunch of parsley, which I have a hard time using before it loses its crispness. So, this salad fit the bill. I made 1/4 recipe for two small salads and would not change a thing. Perfect balance of acidity and saltiness. We LOVED it. It was so quick to put together too.


I never would have thought to pair capers with avocado, but it works so well. I cut the oil and vinegar by halfish -- the brine and salt do a good enough number almost on the avocado. I might even reduce the scallion next time. But a good set of ingredients in this preparation.

Vanessa D’Rand

To keep cut avocados from turning brown I carefully press plastic wrap onto every bit of the cut surface so that air doesn’t get to it l then I pop it into the refrigerator. Works like a charm.


Missing almost everything but the avocado but a variation on the theme was delicious!Pickled jalapeños and their brine, garlic, salt, shallotsIn proportions to the dressingParsley and arugula, as someone suggested in place of cilantro


Exceptionally tasty! Lazy me wanted to use an immersion blender for the dressing, but in the end I followed the recipe and chopped the ingredients really fine, and am so glad I did. You really need the distinction of all the different textures and flavors.


I made this exactly as written, but halved the recipe since it was just for me. I could've eaten a full recipe of it... It is really good. I took one commenter's note and cubed my avocado and mixed it with everything, since I was not presenting it to anyone. It was delicious on its own. I did, however, use some of it as a topping to some short rib tacos I made, along with some homemade pico de gallo. This avocado herb salad really does go with a lot of other dishes! Great and easy recipe.


This was a HUGE hit at recent party. I'm having to share this recipe to many!


I made this last evening with some adjustments, based on preference and what I had. I added arugula to make a little more, omitted the parsley, subbed in chives and omitted scallions. I used white wine vinegar (what I had) and added 1/2 lemon juice. I made the vinaigrette separately as some others did. I served as a bed for some yummy crab cakes, lemon wedges served alongside. Really good.


Made this for lunch today - so delicious! I subbed fig balsamic vinegar instead of red wine vinegar and served it on top of quinoa for a little added protein. My new favorite summer salad.


Delicious, zesty and rich. Served with another NYT recipe for marinated chicken thighs, perfect combo !


I don't think salad gets better than this. Melissa calls it "velvety rich and luscious." She's absolutely right. Followed carefully, omitted jalapeño for my sensitive partner. High praise for this keeper. I served w/ chicken thighs but it would be great w/ steak.

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Avocado Salad With Herbs and Capers Recipe (2024)


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