The Republican from Springfield, Massachusetts (2024)

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But we fia Dean, Tarzana, Calif. out of ideas about how to keep five Douglas and Stone in suspect Douglas didn't sign up A say Hardly. Mary-Kate, Insiders 19, ban monotonously women fresh and promiscuous entertaining. subur- gets 1992: the pick Morrissey this (inset) time for (due in Basic March, Instinct 2: co-starring Risk Addiction British moved to Los Angeles to Mary-Kate and Tab and female fans in actor David Morrissey, 41) because he didn't want to be closer to Stavros, 20, Stavros, Paris' If they only knew In Tab Hunter Confi- work again with the temperamental Ms. Stone, 47.

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smile That kind of cash can salve even the most bruised ego. ly involved with men. Does How is Boodhe think today's gay stars are heshwar, Massillon, Ohio I heard that Kathryn Erbe under the same pressure to A It wasn't Mrs. Kerry -of Law Order: Criminal stay in the but Elizabeth EdIntent became a surrogate mom Palmer, San Diego, Calif. wards, 56, wife of Vice for her sister two years ago.

Is it "The pressure probably comes from the stars Presidential candidate -Jean Saab, Rockville, Md. themselves, as it did with me," Hunter, 74, tells John Edwards. She had a A A fiction. You're That confusing surrogacy fact with sto- us. policy "Most toward studios their today big honor money-makers.

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Erbe, 39, and husband against AIDS in Africa for a lunch at the My kids tell me Cam'ron was Terry Kinney, 51-co-founder of Chi- White House re- attacked while leaving a D.C. cago's Steppenwolf Theatre--welcomed cently without a nightclub. What's his version of the a son, Carson, in October 2003. They tie. Couldn't he have -M.

Jackson, Chester, Pa. also have a daughter, Maeve, 10. shown more A "Two men tried to carjack me -tr Sherri Herman, Mobile, Ala. at a traffic light," Cam'ron, -ble Regarding casting of your Reese item on the Witherspoon possi- A no The tie is black Bono's jacket "uni- and 29, lomat tells us. Records The rap CEO star (born and Cam- Dipas Stephanie Plum in a forthcoming film form." And he actually eron Giles) was shot through both based on Janet Evanovich's novels: Say showed the ratings-chal- Cam'ron: His car is arms.

"People are foolish to think it ain't -Ann, Martha's Vineyard, Mass. lenged President a lot of to die for- -almost I'd give up something because agree that the petite Ms. Wither- respect by showering him someone threatens me," he adds. What sounds foolA spoon, 29-though a fine actress with praise for his work to ish to us is risking your life for a car- a custom-would be miscast as Plum, the eradicate AIDS in Africa. ized blue 2006 Lamborghini worth $250,000.

larger-than-life bounty hunter. Our pick: Sandra Bullock, 41. Want the Facts? Opinion? Truth? Write to Walter Scott, Box! 5001, Grand Central Station, New York, No decision has been made. N.Y. 10163-5001, or go to and dick on Parade" to send e-mail to Walter Scott.

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The Republican from Springfield, Massachusetts (2024)


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