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ight Spread Ci ei i uji July I) 1967 Th ait Tlmt4tar Of Malaria A In Kentucky 80s i te Extf'nn hest Iciest 67 Lort 6fi This Week toy Lib Ei Nat ion ide Trend Reported 355 to 11:35 7 obocco LUOLO city 44 121? ar 7:25 a COURTS When Act Comes On Everybody Gets Belly Laugh 10 Reported to 1103 45 Minutes on Makeup by misuna 43 dresses in Ht Work TMARRIAGE KteteLICENSES to 'Easier i Charge Murder Hn treat Hu izbeth Miry 10 Wife Mafcps Costume 12 10 a Clown NnH Gt: mg BIRTHS 340 8 cut toot St Li Prefers 34 a ar East State Park $b'on of Cm and $100 peats op aidii hut esp'maern RANKORT Of the nianyi kinds of water recreation in Boy 8 Dies persons In Home Blaze In Bogus Case Si th Dem Job I Going to Ned Close Labor Day Professorship Updated Work Central Executive Committee In Vogt's Name Policy Sought LOUISVILLE (UPI): old statement of policy onithe facilities by the public fjebtixi (working conditions brought1 "Our lifeguards are well petitionsup to date along with higheriqualified" Walker said "To mediate No Prow nin js 'V i ent and just to to SR'NGS July 10 475 St to lor on In or on Burton ted er are city IAHME PIKE 27 12 IVERUL Pene opt" Hih Airport Ra Cold ftash Prr Etea ano Mt I ilate sm all wife suit 421 anq 4:25 Mylhns 4 25 1145 lobelia of fir '10 Assn tried i 10th LuH NEWPORT COLUMBUS rull Ynnd ma Co Had Grannies Giggling One of Charlie's most memorable audiences was a national com ention of grandmothers at the Gibson Hotel in Cincinnati "There must have been about 1200 grandmothers COUNTY Cra Huy 2R G'arrbip KNIGHTS te jner? tea 5002 6 45 23 HE WP0R1 Monriay July 3 27 nor Tuesday July 11 2300 Varrt or tM thrn date 104 in 13 52 1945 Around the State An Madi a stuaent if who can guar audience a belly Inning all of 1966 1hei wcie 37 cases in Kentucky while 66 cases have hern im ported thus far this sear Dr Carlos Hernandez di lector of the division of epi demiology of the State Health Dept said the potential for trouble from malaria exists although the disease js under control Charlie averages about one performance a week al though he sometimes does' as many as two or three in a night An average per KENYON COUNTY hfim Savings Aitn Administrator of aHairs of ficr the Veterans Administra tion lot 52 Turke foot Ac'te Subdivi son Lyt Barton Jk A'hte B'adj Cnaries Eaton and wne lots e5 an te Country Club Rea ty Co Subdivision Thomas Sumps indicate 517500 I started doing it and einda 18 f'tetr 7 V) Chicago Thomas Reaches and pools will re open UlIUUll Monad Draw sues: at h32 A Sauerwin and wi Lots 9 34 Thomas Uno Company's Second SuO Thomas Sumps inflciia no coo if DAYTON REPUBLICAN Cmb mem el th Mr anc Mrs Carl Weodeiotii 8 822 terra ce aenue and the saxophone and trumpet The idea for doing the belly act was suggested by a fellow member of the Lions Club Charlie is un certain whether the fellow had seen a similar act came up with the idea hs own IU010A CITY COUICU rr 7:30 buHon: CMERGfHfLY ALMOUTH BEN WALL centa representative tre Kvwcfey Disables Ex Services te present from a ill Rpoth 1301 'O York others: determination said William V23 Ooohn vs Pehrt Row lane Covircte 1943 in I StocRton vs CaU 3 11 317 3 minutes and it gets pretty hot under that big hat got a new hat on the bench and it has two battery operated fans in he said When he comes out from under the hat he's shower bath wet His costume trunk contains both de odorant and after shave lo tion Moncay 66 ord driven by Sarnes 41 Cincinnati and New Suits KENTON COUNT LAS ME City of Elsmer vg ano Mary B'lriAer 611 Mam street Gilbert ad Grace AHennoten 1014 t'ai Rov Elsmere ad Gera a Gera'ire S'e lmg 1102 Eismere ana Gera a ana Sterling 1102 Central Ron Elsre portion of Plateau street from Central Ro to Mai street Closed as putac Insoranceman show stopper Charlie Riley prcpaics makeup lei for his hilark ru on inaii act THS HOVETOftN PNPS ftOULP COME TO U6 E'EN ON A PICNIC I WE WNEP OUR ON A VACA TION IT'S A ORANP WAY JO KEEP IN TOUCH! BOONE COUNTY Jim Rrtscoe Cincinnati Cincnntu Call Post and Times Star Circulation Department Phone 721 1 1 1 1 Charlie made the hat himself and his Ailecn made the shirts and hair The Rileys 7 McAlpin avenue Erlanger have three children William 20 a senior at Xavier Univer sity who will enter the Uni he said "They took versify of Kentucky Medical over the School' this fall Patricia Another audience he will '18 an employe at Hess not soon forget was at the Blueprint Cincinnati and Kenton County uherculo Joyce 15 a freshman at St sis Sanatorium Henry High School ALEXANDRIA MonDay July 10 BY TIM HAYES Kentucky Colonel Lot 42 in In atal Shooting I OWENSBORO KV (UPI) Martha Whitaker 42 Yvill have an examining trialnext Monday in Daviess (County Court in connectionwith the fatal 'hooting of 'Agnes Howard 36 Sunday i Mrs Whitaker is harged with wilful murder She was (released on bond which was raised from $2000 to 53000 'Monday in court here I Police said the Howard (Woman was sitting on her porch when she was shot Mrs (Whitaker told police that sh as using the gun to xhase an intruder from her home in Bangkok NT iSPOP I NtArnsiiAN Mjn aH ns flistncjie 7 hi ei nm VlhSTGN ARM ROABO TRUSTEES mjt 8 volunteer MH ifn treL 619 WOODLAam U0IES AUXILIARY rtU Leo meets trnaus? 1110 Wtewors roao Wednesday July 12 D4YT0K OARD LOUCAION refits 730 Avenue scnool LIBERTY: OojQ Trcub 1b35 530 10 Bites of tr 2:05 4 30 8 NEWPORT POLICE Monday July Richard MiVheH 20 street Newport breach loiterins dopfi dm kt Rickie Chenot 19 333 Union street Bellevue assault and battery rhaneo hi P'tdcn or peace bond henneth Allen 50 street Newport bfachind 5100 pe ice bond Swimming Popular Bu Stall Cnrrpsnaririfvi Dr Hernandez havent had an indigenouscase in the state since the exccnt for Two I children in Hardin County 'last i The inciease in Kentucky jeflcct' a nation ide upyard trend Doy 26 nr Hitman rirnaffl oom Jr 24 for kicks just to make people he said always been a clown act has since graduated to professional status "We had to start charg ing to keep the number of performances he said In his act Charlie dances S' rV MOVIES tqDay Mitrtell: TO sUmcs WHincit to Rocert no meiir lot on Crescent srenue Er sumps indicate S700C NUnoll CIHo r' i Henr ett 301 orest ieiul Erlanter: Louisville tChanncl "i The film centers mi Ken tourist at the fields'' the Daniel series is 25 tninufe Harry Ninol I no stamps Edward AalUf to Wo S'ops Inc Lnt 31 Keen's Subdwision Covtnron sMmps 575OC and Gertruoe Oirheimer to Ben anc Lsra Crunder 3809 Locke sTeet Cciftetcnj suras indicate SIOOC'O Sncpprnt Center Inc 3125 to 3159 Di hitnftay Erlancer: stamps moi cate 310 COO be't Da? a rf to Anthony GrtbcDns and otners 39C6 LlCyO ae nue Ertenief stemps Indic 525500 Olive Mar co to Lloyd ano Clare Rat liff 209 orest aenGe Ef arjer stemns indicate $15000 Kennetn and Lois Grce to ano Patricia Lirton 24 Jsnet On Winton Pa statros indrUte $15500 Deecpers Inc to Jostph Croiyn Solte Lot 3 Sunnyred oru Sunnyireoe stamps inaicate $28 000 Ra pn D'ees to Cnar es ano He en Vil lets on Pe dne Erirtr indicate $2500 rek De oomem Corp to Rocert ano laverre Mek Lot 11 Tfteivi Trees Subdivision Edjeood no ste rps Myra Ashcraft to Ruby Rrk 3405 Capelin aenue Coiniton: stamps in ocate $8500 Spokesmen for Louisville gar supervisors are on duty at Rentuckv rnmnii rr Xnl of ft i 2P i ii i Ail nn ir nn np uni it pc nv inn plans to circulate ice is to be paid to the State'tered 17 here urging ini Board of Cosmetologists' hand sur To Politics PADUCAH KY lUPIn a Ytste diow Greater Cmeinciti R2 nfl Dr tam OS 90 UJ'ktie ana raduesn ai nn ox said: Dorctny keetaut" tn Keebar 220 Luo aw no stamps cn rn nn Cathrjn Gronefelfl Lots 97 aro 3S Hav cm addit Covirjton stamps in 0 $13000 102 muscles only two Charlie "A lot RENTON COUNTY Dan Townr 26 NeftDort carp? uonne Xpnnstn orte and Charies ano and a Hteton 0 Robeit Stephens 20 Er'aneer ennisi in ton Joel worker Hiite MADISON 1:20 5:20 Any 3:20 7 25 endowed School founderMachine ifrom a Vngt oundation Automatic Transmis tor J13G3 Cfmiss i fc 235 1 48 120 'rca RescnultP 19 shnek Bocth 3 11 1237 st et otto "sbam 7Q HI Elizacr A 40 Rrt a mil Emily pass 2a 1551 WOOO'Wn trims nrtafior Newport boy tnd MarV 44 ItfmUy inuiiMi girl THOMAS Sunday July 9 1116 Aieiandra 82 ten broken lee DIXIE GARDENS: 93(7 Btes ol tre App 11:20 LORENCE: 9 30 at 115 Was'iirgion 7V4 Jores a $9 of Cincinnati taLen 746 10 221 itrv zz BOONE COUNTY Be'tha Jenkins to Willirn i Salite Tincn Lots IA IS IZ UJC 71 72 73 74 75 Htxh School Court Sub O'Vtson stamps instate $11000 Byrne Dee'coment Corp to Lems Lnd Ee'vn Let 12 Secton 2 Sorr I Meadow Suddtvisie ste? ir oca ubuU I 0 ano 5 van Loomis tnce Estates inc 9 26 acres bvtey: no stiT PS Clarence ano Rjby 1' 0 na Coi Brad uurei t'A i jtMJi vision rtirs' tn Eno Lister aM Edna Hensfe to Robert and Wards Hays Lot 1 2 8e'l Air Acrs Subdivision indicate $28000 Kate Rud to DTard ar Mary Rose stalos dteate $6800 Thomas ano Ma'paret lick te James A and Rosemary ane 155 acres nn woo cer Crees stamps in cate takes frown and said of people go around wast ing a lol of In the 11 years that Charlie has been exercising his "educated he has kept a lot of people from frowning He began his part time career ai rtauuvveen other costume parties for the fun of it Ann Htenteid He gnu Kentucky Weather KENTUCKY Toda v'Ar b'jmid cNn of fvtnirp Hign today WPQS AGS: Ibft tOfl'tht mid 60s Tomnrrc vastly sunry and vanr ftteh lOn R'ate st 30 iot street Me 10 tut ris! St lur 1030 York Street n'oten irs st Lu ourth sbt ftiit (Lt 1 znt ftrist ban no lost 1215 313 Top Export Locally i Kintuckr Past Wathtegtsn lursau I WASHINGTON: Almost $36 million in goods pro iduced on northern Kentucky ifarms vvs shipped out of th 'U last year said Congress Iman (Genci Snider I today I Quoting from Department of Agriculture statistics he said tobacco was the biggest 'export item out of the ourth (Congressional District from 'July 1965 to July 1966 i latest figures available Ils export value was $13 million he said while dairy product' grains and animal products accounted lor COVINGTON POLICE COURT Monday Jul 10 John Da 26 673 teaxeftocd street Cmgton speeding 5 Lawrence agan 57 Eighth Libert streets Newport red light no operator's irense $200 Henry Smith Jf 37 132 Russel street Canngton no license open docket speedirt $15 Anthony Smith 21 rirk iess driving open docket Villiam 20 239 Nte th street Covirtton re ess orivirg $25 Sh iey Jcnes 40 330 Treor st eet Covington breach cf peace submitted John And Harmon 46 325 Thud stteet Covington breach of peace 30 dm Roy Hoskins 23 1308 bankitc street Covmgton petty larceny t' ree montrs in jail Chatlie Hoskins Jr London Ky petty larceny thre months jail Sherman Aamson 37 Cincinnati tea'ine the scene of an accident ie teased to LudlOft police department of Gate both of At InkAr Rported 2:55 a CRESCENT Monflay 43 A i 75 aute a Erte iutier Ntern Rrh 20 terenc head injury RANKTOrtT Ken I jluiky health official' re patching an upsurge in th number of malaria cases ip ported in the Bluegrass Slate Tour times as manv Eases have been reported thus far this year as during a com parable period last year erunglr LASHING wl Zomre Commuscn meets a city budami 505 Com avenue BREAK Ctiiing te'en from rrdchire Tester Comet Station Utn Isabella Reporte 6:10 a Tues 67 Cltev to en from James Ykr 17 tiYtanth if ifl recovered bv Campbel! County cc tr Myrnan and Licking at 4:48 Monday LOOT 'tory ol loss Demosev Drug Slo 41 Columbia revealed number of oil taen in treaMin Sun day teht Resorted Rteo rtond Ct Jams Mi'ey 607 Oerton from Sirtn and oberts Vcndav missing Ring ate vatch of Esther Smite 1192 Parc missing house mov eoortea 3:55 Moncay THET 67 Chev of Gary Neff UH Columta from 1120 Columbia at 10 Sunday Recovered by Campbell Coirty do'icp on Trapn road Ate rater a Reported 1:50 Monday THET 60 terd of knb 225 Reported 2:50 Mon LifoPtiarrls arp nlsn nn and i si hicbu if at the four public swimmingl He valued the (jruaIKentm will receive its pools operated by the Parks 'at approximately S100 A 1 sllowillk at hi a i 1'1 fount! and a tuckv's parks and 'tractions and on (progress in many Parker star of i Boone television 1 rr a nr nf i i (I I I IIIIEILEIO (color production of the Kcn Itueky Department of Public Information film Parker Speaks for 1 receive ST ELIZABETH NIECE rancis ste Cvnthla 312incirg Trails crlvt Mitchell rri a 6 THURMAN Melvin ate Avon u'is ri pnncr npy Jut A EHLMAN Richard and Cteteres hpood f'te ft MitcheH eirl a Jute A GRIPSOVER Gorg and Rute teiievteft mad Burlington snl Jute uernutBu i 622 nriv bny 10 45 Jute 8 McCOOL hd and 3814 Gtenn Covington girl 349 Julv MANGEL Lesl ate tr teod court Eriangr zri 10C Jute ROBINSON Gary snd Sna on 85J Crescent avenue Covington grl 12:06 a July 9 Burkey 20 Covington Cope 23 Coviteton Air Terrie Beil 21 lorence Jacxsen 43 truck dner Wiil 36 of Wash aiwn sst Attv John Rd i ne jocat commit tee is tm 'inw nine i 1 nnl nrJf 1 te 4 i teviituurv uidiiLii i a na "pnHt'ij iu ouhiuvi rt ii nj I i i te 4 a iiuuai i ci ji i ii tun utyuty mj pei iii i emit' ni CAMPBELL MONEY Raymond Damron anti Rarald avenur Thomas for $758 miegen due for damage to Craig's car after re loaned it to Mrs Damron and she loaded it to her son Hag who wrecked nr Azmrn i stons vs Harmcnv Loai Ccr Tiiejed cue for services and which Harmony allegedly stopped on cnecks DIVORCE June Divs 330 Sixth avenue Dayton Ky vs Rev Dam Rll ourth aenue Dayton Ky Married eb 1 1957 tn Daton Ky VILLAGE CINEMA Hte To Succeed Rusmess Without ully COVINGTON fit fte by Esie Einz me GHHiunju 3y dr ver by A Sp'ing 0t Second and Mn Reported at 735 Citv ni'iunt im te Russo ste'ts 23 meters broken tee "i ano contents teten Reported a1 845 Monday THET United Dairy armers 922 Wil ow Rji road sate rear of stoic Dee ed and opened $215 taken plus undetermined amount of clarets some time between 11 30 Sunday and 7 a Monday Reported at 730 a Mnnctev THET Pure Oil Station 19th and I'tfefson a enue two windows broken to pain entrant 19 tires taken ate tore 12 volt batteries va'ued at $65 Re '''d at 7 a Mondav BREAK 73 Greenbriar avenue Mitchell: cc boxes om ar condi tioner and wasner and der opened ate contents taken a'so fan nd msacked apartment of A Befuens Re portn at 9 3Q a Monday rpt cause van dalism to 13000 voit electri Ite ross ng Ohio River nea CAO Brio? property cf Cincinnati Electric Co Reported at 9 40 a Monday COLLISION '59 ord driven bv ul hjips 22 336 Seventh trpt Covington and Chev driven bv jU Jar Hills dive Conor 20 Covington ana Vicki Uanonv 19 Suaha'ifi 55 finr LAftjfi postal eteri and Dorctny Ranko 20 uoviHfeion henry Pee 23 Army ana Grisson 22 both of Cincinnati NEWPORT 63 Cnev of Estet Css LnlDP (tnm vM streets Reported 6:10 Monoa horn Ji ts Parker 37 street hewDCrt Reported 64 5 8unlo 35 1 Re 10 503 a te? cgf on fire snort in wiring $25 tesr 1241 T4 street Ha olorh nte J5 724 a me William Murnhv ood applies to the Village drive Mitchell and 4 Warner Jr Corinth i I JIANKORT iUPI: The ef if jN lfllV rtllvlllUk Il' Ell (IlllCC I 0 tnd righting 1Said the state Board of Edu rniTTc srTrTT iCitI0n must pay a $1000 li LUUKSVIULE (UPD: The1 CmSP fpp in orHor tn Anariin a Sr 111 VI 1 E'fJH a Lt drrers te St Li Sormts lr sand Roorte 75 raDb'ts from 5 Arthur Moh home son Reported Mondav ing for action leading tnwardicific statute enacted for the 3 IS I Ite ctfl loment niihli Most lifeguards are college the Southeast Asian? conflict Jstatc COVINGTCN Monoay July 10 11:41 A U441 gas loss 250 ifth st eef of 1 75 Bessie narrl 53 RaTDitte cf A CcgAeil 328 A angria Cod cn IRS tet at Second and Resorted 7:35 4 Monday COLLISION RR Chev OIU nu an truck cnven by rank Cincinnati on ftn at 1 75 rc'ite 13 i Monday 59 ord driven Paul htiC 22 336 Seventh ano Crey uy tdiy Aikin' rte'k HUIS one Monday M5 11:25 bHELB VILLE KY nquing rone ureeK OWENSBORO KY CHPIi nwynshoise a was to death and two other hovs i ii iiut ''rtiirv iiiiu mt: wain suffeind burns in a fnp! tnAv ll 1 i 1 "Ilk Hltillllltxl Elb Yhich heavily damaged a two iHcnry Logan Cox 9 ami Wil dwclhng here jiam Samuel Cox 12 both of Sam Newton 16 remained North Rolling f'ork nospuanzeci with serious burns and Lee Robinson 11 was treated for a burned shoulder and released The boys lold firemen they es caped from the burning home through a window 4L mm ihlthuh buu trie 1 Hurs a day night blaze mav i rhAKKE OR: Gov iir ward Breathitt Jr will be at Greenville and Centra named Democratic National Citv committeeman next Wednes uay try tne Democratic State Ant rnl i I Gaine 17 Susan Mclntyr CAMPBELL COUNTY Robert Mmnte 42 rrrter eu 37 tein writers bu 0 Eawaro Michael Eieilmg 22 Army Porttete Ind and Mary rance! Riu 22 ccteucu' ano Mren Eariy 26 both of Coium ou RalpN Crus 49 tiufk driver Ofpha Ma DeVrard 54 both of Vernon Ky John Yunr 49 irtvrtiinr Nercen 8 penry 42 'both of Amelia 0 Donald Jones 23 sj esman and zz 34 sa sman IL Donna Jors 32 Peru Ino Arthur Williams 21 Navy Anita Janice Gazaway 18 betn of Citeinrtati Jerry Lee Him 22 shipoini fterl Covington no Barbara Jan Acert 19 NeftbOrt Oa' Turner 25 machine nceiator Gladys Chger 25 both Mvoort OfVan Timofny k'Syth 18 hivery boy ate Wanna Gail Woods 14 botn of Neftbort Clarence Huck 33 quioment co ar i Gladys Justice 36 bote rT a aianona Kicnaro ate Kathleen cinnati Or ZhivuV 7 Dorad 945 Asterate 138 43te street Coving ton: stamps $11500 Cad otz to George and Irma Jean MwftLer Lot 13 Dudey Acres Sufidivi son no sta ps trvln ate Loj Hattie Garrett te the city of Covington 2002 Jefferson ae nue Corftegton stamps indicate $4000 ueonarc ano Lte a fl Montca street Gertruce rem LORENCE COUNCIL meets 730 rm city build Bateau Lanham vs Air Lanham 41C Laeie Mitchell mer ited Oct 30 1957 in Laftiencebuf 4 Ina Patricia Theao vs TPan 51 Orchard street Mit chel' marr ed hr? 19 1961 Luce ce miss JUDGMENT Mae King Henry str! vt lter Intcsn 2525 Avon court Crescent Pa and Peoo es Industrial Purr vo ron rrari nrsrA mtn rp or fraud DIVORCE Jure Doolin 509 Red Oct 14 divorce Cheryl Stockton vs Stocrtte ce of Raymond Byrd Elmwood Thomas married Sept 1965 Joseph Yago individ ua'iy ano a a inlstte te of estate of Wilbam vs unknown heirs of Wil i am ann of who are hens of ord driven by Jefler sen Smdn A'eMteria and 63 Chev fl'ien by WH i 1C19 aenue he port 3t 12th ano Central c42 a Monday Cash drawer containing $22 ftern rt Yung 751 street itu a 4 teuod te gbtn a Monaay BREAKING ENTERING Dempsey Drur tere 421 Columbia street entered tnrougi casem*nt oner Loss uteater mined Reported B38 a Me day Pent driven by Vif liam Rapp 1104 street Newport ate o5 Merc (jewe by Judith Hat virgin a avenue Covington Monday ftitn $15 Tat Groors fre table MEIROSE pnr Vary Mien court Enanzr rl 9 13 July 9 COLL'HS John and Ma'y 5Q5 So'itn rn a ent Covingion JJ3 a July 10 SANDS oenneth and Shnlev Scott st eet Covington girl 5 36 uy i WIYOEN Gerg nd Virgnja Satetero street Covirgteh bny 6 July 10 Spf te Brte Gfiven bv Anna 0 2230 Dana place Covington aid 56 ote driven by raK Bca jti TtHC MILL Witte COMMISSION municipal Tuesday July 1 1 COVINGTON KttetHtRN KENTUCKY irateur ntePts Red Cress Building steret SiNfi OUT KENTUCKY groun will sing at tne irst tnrst unuren lb 14 ifth street $tr( July 9 nuunontlL TOITM Berry aenue Bellevue boy Juiv io RiEVINS Itehv mi Tenth street Nrwoort boy hl? July 10 CAMPBELL COUNTY Rte'! Schmitt and yd1 to obert Gp rf ana ft carts cf end 33 fw Entente Sub' vision T'O tes S' tes iteica ncn Dorothea Stour to Jonn Stoite Lot 39 ao and 41 Pnilhos CteS(nt iubdivisicn itemjs create $18 000 Georg A Mue Jr ate Patnc Linnse and wite earts Lets 315 arc 314 South 6eieue De cpTtcrt Co Subdision Sei ue iteicr $12500 Newport Sncpong Center Inc Paul Lipn an part of Lot 5 out JtfTes Tater Estate Newport No (8 Henry Voct orofessorshin in mechanical engineering dtmooi Th committee also nlu un to date alone with lip rn neenrenm in i i dp a litprniard inntvidua am Kemp head of Local required to be al least 18 ycdis uiu 1 eel holders of a senior Red Cross life saving nnni Mv me i un ai approximate department Walker stated basem*nt door was i i iLLvii i i yt mii ii i i that even more nersons would U1 open 'Monday morning Ti rtu Peisons "ollla Lake Cumberland Levi Jack 'sjde door had akn VIS thplT) tnic summer nuui Jiau also sun mue gicks ana ixaiurat iimmicd he said' Bridge Admission to public pools is Ill i ic 50 rnnfc fnr irlnlfe jnJ ot: UAAKn RflllAY week in Muhlenberg County main open through Labor: cents for children but iio Dumu num (dun ndigeu nun attempting eliarge is macle for checking In rnnnf Arfoif 1 0 nan whitA onri ifinl i uiii ocwv ku i udNKvib ui accorains nlACHiarric nnrl hofhhnncGr at it 3 i Mounivuoiu vT JlhlT with sanitary facilities are Uhp hallmarks of every stale: park beach Use of the pub Plan Petitions inu ui dLii diiu uauuiig dieas is tree but there is a cent charge for checking each basket of clothes Beach Charlie Riley i billed as the ist is one performer antee his laugh Charlie an oversized hat paints a face on his stomach and chest and people crack up State Registers Land Surveyors By Staff Correspondent RANKORT: The State Board of Registration for Pro fessional Engineers Tuesday (announced that it had regi' persons to act as IrtllU Hi UkK rp cf is! nrpri in rendering the'wore Capito lorence: 1 1' 1 I 1 (' I 'inert I 1 rt zA 1 a i 1 it i ictuxirti 1 J' luni nrinnt nl 1 nt an hopes to obtain 10 million public instruction said the Clough pike Cincinnati El signattires on petitions call general rule was that a spe mer McHareue Erlanger inc Tap onf ten I A i 1 i i' rt Jrt COURT 10 907 Cincinnati at iftn stre R'tfnt Snene Rrirtt Rtfnnrtte Reverted at 815 a Motei 54 Chev driven by an Comey 35 402 13tn ate 41 inter national truck driven by RaTcna Heine 61 50 25th cn Hc'mai at L3th Roo't3 325 Monday Parked 65 Pontiac of Va ten Yojfli 5 Juarez Mitrheil 416 Short 63 ButeL 0'iven by Chrntim Gongoh 51 4it Short Persninj Pportl 2 30 Monday 67 te Honda cycles taen in breakn at Rays Cycle Shop 619 Mm recovered in nemran by Cincinnati police who piaced twouvniis in heme Reported 115 Tuesday Raoio ftem Rotteit DHten home 2016 Resorted 7:29 Mote' Donate 6ech 21 1027 Lee ee youth Treated at Broth ate rteas Warrant aovsed Jorn Marshall Jr 30 805 Greenup cut on left arm Treated at cteth Watra advised Repcrted 836 rr Monday 3g hoies in wrteovs at Mrs reda Richardson tone 4513 Chi ton Reported 1:42 Monday anc white Huffy ke Utt at 126 41st Reported 330 ten ay BREAK Chan? 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