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'6xWvrLLE ADVOTt MttnaDwh'Axwtrsraf'iWi THIS MAKES THE HQRSE A10 HORSEPOWER HOSr 'MissMississippH want ababy? lb 53c 14 TO 18 LB AVG IS RESH LB CENTER CUT LB Produce her race with death by a scant live minutes I 38 more and she the price OR QUICK SALE HEQABLY NQW 9C cent over June Trade SME! 25c MELO BIT AMERICAN Jelke Out cn Bail CHEESE SLICES Vi lb pkg 3OC i li KT MW IUBIB TIBI OMIT! IMS USY OIMT Im'hl lnlr RECOUNT OR WARREN JAILER RACE IS SET A NATIVE of Yazoo City Dora LeeLivingston has been chosen "Miss Mississippi" for 1S52 Dora who will compete in the Amer iru" contest at Atlantic City NJ 'as brown hrir and blue eyes Polio Victim Wins Rice With Death were or an Practice Code or Lawyers Is Approved 8 46 Oz Can No Can Index also a per cent of the PRICE YEARLINGS AT SALE INCREASES SARATOGA SPRINGS Aug 21 Like everything pre of vearlings is going up i The 34th annual Saratoga year ling sales closed 1 when all the monev was counted there was a total of $2095500 for 331 yearlings an average of $6330 Last vear 299 vearlings I auctioned off for $1632600 Size MOl (Is pkt HUI) ROW WJJ plus tax exchange omow brake action IraaJ 4 way eMd gratae ttaa eafety bondod cacdtl HERB OX BOUILLON CUBES PENNANT SYRUP STATE Ends Today: of the Go starring Barbara Payton I nd Lon Chanev Tonight on I stage in person at 8 the 'Blue Grass Ramblers featuring Horn stopped him and asked that he come to police headquarters There fire man explained some one had Heffzsthe chi ir with a note requesting the boy be turned over to Elizabethtown police Asking to see the note Horn was told it was at the home and he would get it He talked out and been seen s'nee That was Aug 9 1 Today military police at ort Rnox also are searching for the soldier It seems that when Sgt Horn attempted to contact the soldier at ort Knox he learned the name he had been given be longed to another man The baby a boy about fiVe or six months old was placed in a private home by the Elizabethtown Welfare Board His footprints were sent to Washington in an attempt to identify the boy Henry Knight Almahurst farm This pushed the night's total to largest ever for a onc night sale Last night 31 colts fillies and geldings were sold for $36000 an 2 Kb 390 2 Lbs 290 e990 e290 2 Lbs 290 CRUSHED 1 PINEAPPLE WO 2470 Can MID SUMMER TURKEY TIME Enjoy AkP Quality Turkeys at' a' savings Nowl jU your home freezers in preparation for the ho 'Ida 7 season SIb MEMPHIS Tenn Aug 21 Wl Physicians were hopeful today for recovery of a 2M year old polio naticnt who apparently had won Danville Tire STANORD ALTA AVE Seesatioaaf Now Safety Tin by ILS ROYAL USCenllpedeGwp Hwtr tudt pirkmaKt al such a price 95 260 270 3 £750 2 274 8GOLMKOOEE 3226 12 Cubra 180 Bottle A BOWLING GREEN Ky Aug 141 A recount will begin Mon day in the contested race for Warren County jailer The recount was ordered yester day by Circuit Judge John Rodes after chief deputy jaiier Aubrey McGinnis lost the post to Raymond McClard by 47 votes in the first tabulation McClard the coroner collected 3043 votes McGinnis 299S and a third candidate Jones 1602 McGinnis was ordered to post $1000 bond to cover cost of the recount should he lose the second tabulation liamstown rankfort Bowling Maysville Brooksville i Vanceburg Warsaw Cynthiana Mt Olivet and Ixjuis ville PINEAPPLEJUICE PEACHES Xa DEXO SHORTENING WHITEHOUSE BULK i Ea 290 YOUNG HEN TUBKEYS average" lb 59c Now Millions More Can Own Them at the Biggest Savings in Wars! The original genuine Air Ride tiros that 90 on finest now carsl have never boon duplkatodi absorb the road in silence at any spoodl cushion all road shock and vibration! run much last much longer! Improve steering and control of any carl i give safety mileage beyond previous standards! NEWPORT Ky Aug 21 district of the Kentucky! (State Bar Association today stood 1 allied with five other districts favorng the proposed nev code of practice fir liwvers in Kentucky Most of the 100 attorneys and wok's present at the two hour session at ort Thomas yesterday were from Kenton Campbell and CHICAGO Aug 21 UP) Butter firm receipts 558812 wholesale buying prices '2 to cents a pound higher 93 score AA 745 92 A 7375 90 72: 89 715 cus 90 7325 89 7225 Eggs about steady receipts 6 ilrl whilesale buying prices un I changed except on checks a cent a czt lower: extras 56 mediums 52 standards 43 5 45 5 current receipts dirties 33 checks "2 DUTON APPLE HE OBEE BAKE WHITE BREAD 660 e250 JtStn US ROYAL SPANISH BAR JANE PARKER DELICIOUS ivlv rnr wmirt nn Ki snin Moss we got to Dyersburg Nice 6 room house with 1 Iriuiii nziTt mnio it tn 1 1 Tri rv 4 JM1VW VVV 11141IW ll ill kill IV in my car his name is Kilnntrirk staid drive us in best driver ever seen SULTANA SLICED PINEAPPLE NO 1 ELBEHTA PEACHES LTS JDfiAL OR CANNING PRESERVING EATING Super Right Choice LB TUR KEYS BEE ROAST Hj GROUND BEE PORKCHOPS HADDOCK ILLETS 5 POLLOO(H1ETS LOA 0 AKE The June 15record was 1896 1935 1939 average and 114 per cent over pre Korea prices This was 44 per cent higher than the level in January 1951 when price and wage controls first became ef fective The CIO Auto contract provides for a one cent hourly wage increase for each 114 rise in the living cost' index Adjust 1 ments are made every three i months full basem*nt hardward floors good garage about Xb MipairiCK SHIU IIVU UJIVC I us in the patrol car He was the OHB aCT6 Ct land City fE a best driver ever seen water Old fashioned speedometer needle made i price See Lee Chrisman CLAYTON 9 year old perchcron looks back pityingly after crossing finish line way ahead a one hort4 power tractor In a race at Lake Shore Lumber company's yard In Cleveland Clayton Is being driven by Harry DeBock while tractor salesman Bob Bricker pilots the Planet Jr Tufty tractor Patrolman Robert a Paisley supervises from his mount The facts of this test indicate the horse has about 10 horsepower Clayton's normal pul) is 3000 pounds of lumber and be can puli S000 pounds if he wants' to show his stuff The one horsepower tractor pulls pounds IiitsmatiOMlJ Man Leaves One With Police Office Ai Elizabethtown LOUISVILLE ky Aug 21 want a the ma a asked Police Sgt Obie Horn of Elizabethtown he replied think' ng the man dressed as a sildier was joking But after handing the child over to the officer the strangei started to leave locked on IOC We were probably going a little faster Gentle but Quick hands whisked Mary Joe into an iron lung seconds Ati I after the patrol car screamed up to the hospital here 1 recovery will involve time and probably crutches but we be heve she will eventually get over a nurse said I The Mosses have one other child Little Mary Joe Moss of ulton David Thomas four months Ky was rushed to hospital here i by a Tennessee Highway Patrol car I which picked her up at Dyers I burg and sped hed to Memphis at a 100 an hour clip minutes would have oecn hospital I attaches said The story of the dramatic flight hillbilly songs from death was related today by I STARLITE Maiy 22 year old a Tonight: Bud Abbott and Billv rx a night and) 7 1 i Unnnei '1 1 1 Tnonniortinr no sa a me cmia was sincKen 11 with bulbar spinal polio the worst 'f (nm hist week A ulton doctor! LOUISV1LLE Ky Aug 21 (ff advised that she be sped to a A tv0 reunion of 149U1 Memphis hospital immediately I Illfantrv veterans Association Moss bundled Mary Joe into the 0 here tomorrow I 1 4 Vx 1 xj 1 A 4 1 1 1 i 1 1 il HUH UUDI I ctiiU IIICU Itf miles to Dyersburg where he was committee was 946000 for a bay filly from I met by a state police car i TT it IT nIir rrs nuMilH nnhi cti EXCLUSIVE EATURES AVAILABLE WOWHERHISE! Amarfcu'a notf Rouaiar ranura Tiro Saaiafioaal Alow Saofy Ti kiLSROYALto USto longuilinnuhagainHtdfml Now wch pwormonce a NOWPhs NOW II Houston Wood Mavsville and Robert RnberiT Cnvineton were i elected unrn mously to represent i average price of $5460 the district as members of the price of the week long sale i nominating executive I iof the Kentucky State Bar Asso ciation and the Younger Lawyers I Association resnoctivelv Mnxcv Harlin said the meet Korean level of jng was held so that the attorneys and judges could express oral average price of $1161 Top price suggestions that would be of aid was $6600 paid for a Chestnut filly to the civil code com from the farm of John Hughes mittee of Washington Vr' Cost Of Living Seis New Record or High WASHINGTON Aug 21 UPI cost of living as measured by the government reached a new record today bringing a three cent hourly pay hike to more than one million auto workers lhe newest price in i Boone counties There were how dex reflecting the cost of food i lawyers attending from Wil 'lothnig shelter and ether consum er items as of July 15 moved to 1908 per cent of the 1935 1939 average It was 12 points than the June index and 5 pet cent higher than the level of January 1951 when price and wage con trols took effect The increase continued a steady five months' climb in the cost of living for moderate income city i families I i ne newest inuex snowea mat living costs are now 121 per cent aoove ine pre June 1950 The increase was six tenths of one per 1952 AMNOT RAZIER JOKE III 22 heir to an oleomargarine fortune leaves New City Prison after he was released on $50000 bail He was one of 7 persons arrested in a series of vice raids in Manhattan The charges against Jelke includ ed compulsory prostitution con spiracy and possessing two loaded pistols The defendant denied the charges Jelke attributed the ac cusations to a girl who be said night have considered herself jilted by him (IntenaUoMU) MIMS "ova toT Thompson Seedless nEABR California Bartletts HONEYDEW OANTALOUPES ALER' 7 I A 4 yr rf I ee A 8 bBNH A Ml 5 rbemN wk 59 six ilH i A 7 I Xt I IxLJlLsJDLiJL (0eCM a 5 4 I fc 'V i 'V i 'Jii'i 4 i 9 1 Si 7 Haelen Oocktall PEANUTS VACUUM PACKED 360 RED CROSS MACARONI or SPAGHETTI Elbow Or 7 Ok Ifta Regular Ctn' HMMaaoaMaiaBNiaaaaBiaMaaMRaaaMHaB Clapps BABY OOD Strained Chopped Ja 100 160 SWIETNINO SHORTENING 3 760 1 LB CAN 27c DIALS6AP COMPLEXION SIZE 2 270 I WAL3DAP BATH SIZE Bars 370 Boecfetiul BABY OOD Strained 150 ARMOURS CLOVERBLOOM 99 MARGARINE 1 Lb Ctn AIR WIOK DEODORANT SVz oz Boi 59c MIST oz Boi 98c KITCHEN Klaazer 2 Cam DAD 0 CLEANER PARKAY OLEOMARGARINE PETER PAN Peaiat Batter '300 TREESWEET ROZEN LEMONADE CONCENTRATE 2 Oz BBsA Cans siu uff nica now s901 isae uu 221S 1SPS MIS 14 iaje 28J0 toSO 21M 2230 23to Vitdranfe IVORYSOAP WWSH0W Du personal size Lg 27c Lg Pkg 27c 4 Ban 330 RggPtg lie Giani Pkg 66c Bring Your Coupons To AkP Bring Youf Coupons To AkP Bring Your Coupons To AkP TIDE NIAGARA 29c OonaStareh STARCH 140 200 I I II I IN.

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