Cutest Sims 4 Baby Clothes CC To Download – FandomSpot (2024)

Poor Sims 4 babies. Technically they’re objects – very needy ones, but objects nonetheless – and as such are forever tied down to their bassinet.

If that’s not sad enough, they are also permanently in one outfit.

We’ve all seen it. Green onesie with a monkey for boys, yellow onesie with a butterfly for girls. In fact, you’ve probably gotten sick of seeing those same darn outfits over and over.

Who doesn’t after a while? Where’s the individualism, right?

There is really only one choice if you want to move away from those monkeys and butterflies, and that’s to find custom content to override the defaults.

Yes, in order to dress your Sim baby in clothes of your own choosing, the originals must be forgotten. Tragic, I know.

If you’re new to this sort of thing, I’m gonna give you a tip that is usually learned the hard way: you can only have one baby outfit per gender in your game at once. Otherwise, things get really wonky.

So as adorable as all the content I’ve gathered here is, pace yourself, my dears.

1. Little Lamb 2.0 Outfit

Cutest Sims 4 Baby Clothes CC To Download – FandomSpot (1)

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First up, this long-sleeved outfit is the perfect way to start off a list dedicated specifically to cute baby clothes.

Everyone looks good in stripes and sweatpants. That goes double for babies.

Casual clothes are important for them, too. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable baby. They make that well known with ear-piercing shrieks, you know.

So keep your Sim baby fashionable and comfy in this outfit from Martine!

2. Baby Bear Outfits

Cutest Sims 4 Baby Clothes CC To Download – FandomSpot (2)

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Is there anything more adorable than animals on baby outfits? Not really.

Simple definitely doesn’t mean boring, as evidenced by these beary cute outfits from mcrudd. Each one is a smooth, solid pink or blue, with a little bear on it holding a matching heart.

These just look so snuggly!

3. Skull Baby Onesie

Cutest Sims 4 Baby Clothes CC To Download – FandomSpot (3)

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Perhaps your Sim’s little bundle of joy isn’t the type to wear typical baby clothes.

Maybe you need something a little edgier, something with skulls and flames…or both?

Luckily for you, A2J3 has made just that, the antithesis of a bear onesie: a flaming skull onesie.

I must admit, this is pretty cool. Certainly a change of pace from what you usually see, which actually makes a lot of sense.

Not every person (or Sim) has a cutesy style, so of course that would extend to their kids.

4. Default Baby Skins and Outfits

Cutest Sims 4 Baby Clothes CC To Download – FandomSpot (4)

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There are many, many, many outfit options for your baby to choose from here. It’s a little crazy.

I can’t imagine how long it took creator Coli to do this, but I’m amazed.

Overalls, rompers, shorts and tees, sweaters, onesies, they’re all here. A style for every baby, in every season, for every reason.

Many of these outfits are heavily inspired by the base game or other packs, so if you’ve ever wished you could do matching sibling photos including the baby, you actually can now!

Other than that, these are all just perfect. The colors are just right for infants, as are the prints and animal designs. These look like legit baby clothes.

5. Purple Hearts Overalls

Cutest Sims 4 Baby Clothes CC To Download – FandomSpot (5)

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You can never wear too much purple.

And now your Sim baby girls can be equally stylin’.

These overalls are certainly a step up from the default onesies we’re used to. And that’s what is so fun about CC baby clothes: exploring the different designs and styles you won’t find in-game.

6. Default Replacement

Cutest Sims 4 Baby Clothes CC To Download – FandomSpot (6)

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This default outfit replacement from elys-simsalabim is precious, coming in a blue long-sleeves shirt beneath pink or green overalls, gender permitting.

As if that isn’t cute enough already, you also have the option to include hair with your outfit!

At last, your baby can have some peach fuzz, rather than them being stark bald their whole little lifespan.

If you’d rather they did remain hairless, however, that’s totally fine. It’s all about choices here.

Bald, fuzzy, whatever floats your boat. Your baby will still look great.

7. Baby Defaults 2.0

Cutest Sims 4 Baby Clothes CC To Download – FandomSpot (7)

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These made me squeal a little bit, they’re that cute.

The animal themed clothes just never get old.

You can choose from various critters for your little one to sport, including a bunny, bird, fox, wolf, or the ever trusty bear. They’re all paired with sweatpants, which is never a bad route for a baby.

It all looks so natural, it makes me wonder why these options weren’t available in the game already!

8. Baby Angel Outfits

Cutest Sims 4 Baby Clothes CC To Download – FandomSpot (8)

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Every parent thinks their newborn is an angel.

That doesn’t usually last long.

But with these onesies from sassymissollie, you can project an image of holiness even after they turn into little devils.

I love how unique these are. I’ve never seen an angel pattern like that, but it has made for adorable outfits, both for boys and girls.

9. Baby Overalls

Cutest Sims 4 Baby Clothes CC To Download – FandomSpot (9)

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Maybe this is just my inner country bumpkin speaking, but overalls are without a doubt my favorite baby outfit.

A baby can pretty much make anything cute. It’s not like when you’re an adult and can succumb to fashion faux pause. The little ones can rock anything.

So I don’t know why overalls are so exceptionally cute, but they are. Look at their little arms and legs poking out! Eeee!

Sassymissollie has struck again, this time giving us a timeless look in classic pink or blue.

10. Baby Boy & Baby Girl Outfits

Cutest Sims 4 Baby Clothes CC To Download – FandomSpot (10)

Check Out This CC

To top off this list, we have a third creation from the incredible sassymissollie.

It’s a close contest no doubt, but I think these are two of the cutest outfits on this list.

For boys, you get a dapper button up shirt and khaki shorts, while the girls can have pink overalls adorned with flowers and bees. The adult version of those would be so trendy.

I get Spring vibes from these – just imagine how picturesque your babies will look in these come Love Day. But of course, they’re perfect year round!

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in the world of The Sims 4, I have spent countless hours exploring the game's features and custom content. My in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience allow me to provide valuable insights into various aspects of the game, including the customization of baby outfits.

In The Sims 4, babies are technically objects, albeit very needy ones. They are perpetually tied down to their bassinet and are limited to a single outfit for each gender. This can become monotonous and lacking in individualism, leaving players longing for more options.

Fortunately, custom content provides a solution to this dilemma. By finding and using custom content, players can override the default baby outfits and dress their Sim babies in clothes of their own choosing. It's a tragic reality that the original outfits must be forgotten, but the freedom to express creativity and style makes it worthwhile.

To help you navigate the world of custom content for baby outfits, I have compiled a list of some of the best options available. These outfits range from casual and comfortable to edgy and unique, catering to different preferences and styles.

  1. Little Lamb 2.0 Outfit: This long-sleeved outfit from Martine is a perfect starting point for anyone looking for cute baby clothes. The stripes and sweatpants make for a fashionable and comfortable choice.

  2. Baby Bear Outfits: These adorable outfits from mcrudd feature solid pink or blue colors with a cute bear holding a matching heart. Simple yet charming, these outfits are perfect for any baby.

  3. Skull Baby Onesie: For those who prefer a more edgy style, A2J3 offers a flaming skull onesie. This unique design breaks away from the traditional baby clothes and adds a touch of alternative fashion to your Sim baby's wardrobe.

  4. Default Baby Skins and Outfits: Creator Coli has put together an extensive collection of outfit options for babies. From overalls and rompers to shorts and tees, there is a style for every baby, regardless of the season or occasion. These outfits are inspired by the base game and other packs, allowing for matching sibling photos.

  5. Purple Hearts Overalls: Adding a splash of purple to your Sim baby girl's wardrobe, these overalls offer a stylish alternative to the default onesies. With custom content, you can explore different designs and styles not found in the game.

  6. Default Replacement: This precious default outfit replacement from elys-simsalabim includes a blue long-sleeved shirt beneath pink or green overalls, depending on the gender. Additionally, you have the option to include hair with the outfit, giving your baby a more realistic appearance.

  7. Baby Defaults 2.0: These adorable animal-themed clothes are a favorite among players. Choose from a bunny, bird, fox, wolf, or bear design, all paired with comfortable sweatpants. These outfits blend seamlessly with the game and add a natural touch to your Sim baby's attire.

  8. Baby Angel Outfits: These onesies from sassymissollie allow you to project an image of holiness onto your newborn, even if they eventually turn into little devils. The unique angel pattern adds a touch of charm to these outfits, suitable for both boys and girls.

  9. Baby Overalls: If you share my love for overalls, you'll appreciate this timeless look from sassymissollie. Classic pink or blue overalls make for an irresistibly cute outfit, showcasing the little one's arms and legs in the most adorable way.

  10. Baby Boy & Baby Girl Outfits: Rounding off the list, sassymissollie presents two of the cutest outfits available. Boys can rock a dapper button-up shirt and khaki shorts, while girls can flaunt pink overalls adorned with flowers and bees. These outfits give off a spring vibe and are perfect for Love Day or any other occasion throughout the year.

In conclusion, custom content offers a wide range of options for dressing up your Sim babies in The Sims 4. Whether you prefer casual, edgy, cute, or classic styles, there is custom content available to suit your tastes. Embrace the freedom of choice and let your Sim babies express their individuality through their fashionable outfits.

Cutest Sims 4 Baby Clothes CC To Download – FandomSpot (2024)


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