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CHRONICLE-TRIBUNE, June 1.1 June 17, 2006 PAGE 25 vehicles are sold during RM's Monterey Sports Classic Car Auction in California. TNT Law Order The acquittal of an alleged copkiller leads to the murder of a defense attorney. (CC) TRAV Taste of America With Mark DeCarlo Peanut soup; rattlesnake at a rodeo. USA Order: Special Victims Unit Stabler struggles to keep his emotions in check as he interrogates a man suspected in the murder of a teenage girl a man he once let get away on similar charges. (CC) WTBS Friends Phoebe grows famished waiting for her tardy chums to show up at her birthday dinner.

(CC) DIS Movie "Cow Belles" (2006, Comedy) Alyson Michalka. Two teenagers try to save their father's business. 'NR' (CC) NICK SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob thinks Mr. Krabs is a robot; SpongeBob and Patrick tend an abandoned baby clam. (CC) MAX Movie "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" (1998.

Biography) Halle Berry. A look at 1950s crooner Frankie Lymon and his three wives. (CC) 8:30 p.m. MTV Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up Jamie and Stu try to get photographed with Hollywood starlets. TRAV Taste of America With Mark DeCario Flyfishing for trout in Ausable River; runza in Lincoln, blueberries in Orland, Maine.

(CC) WTBS Friends Ross ridicules Rachel's choice of a male nanny. (CC) NICK Zoey 101 Logan is in charge of making the annual haunted house. (CC) TOON The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy The Boogie Man competes with Grim for his job; Billy resolves a dispute between Dwarves and Elves. 9:00 p.m. 4 Pepper Dennis Reporter Pepper Dennis thinks she is about to land her dream anchor-job, but her new beau steals it out from under her.

(CC) 4 8 15 The Unit The team goes under cover at the. Russian embassy in Israel "seeking evidence of the sate of nuclear materials to Iran. 13 33 Last Comic Standing Last round of the comic semi-finals, with a twist. (CC) 20 49 Frontline The administration struggles to create a legal framework for aggressively interrogating enemy fighters in the war on terror. (CC) 23 Veronica Mars Veronica appears on a psychic's com-.

munity access show to pursue a lead when she tries to help Jackie find out who stole her credit card. 39 Panama Canal: The Eighth Wonder of the World The epic history of the canal, a building In the jungles of Panama that rivaled the pyramids and the Great Wall of China in scale: (CC) 55 59 House The hospital admits a renowned cian and advocate against the spread of tuberculosis in Africa. (CC) Dog the Bounty Hunter Tim and the team must catch Richard, the father of a new baby. (CC) ANPL The Most Extreme Bird excavates nest by flying headfirst into a cliff; insect can be heard a mile away. CMT Greatest Moments Highlights from the career of the band Alabama.

COM Mind of Mencia Special guest Robin Williams; investigating what it would be like if Jesus was married. (CC) DISC Deadliest Catch The end of the season approaches and the fleet pushes the fishing into overdrive. FOOD Titans of Taste Hershey's Chocolate: and loves an astrophysicist. (S) TNT Law Order Detectives investigate a fire that ripped through an audience at a rock concert. killing 23 fans.

(CC) (DVS) TRAV John Ratzenberger's Made in America Nocona Sporting Goods; Anheuser-Busch brewery; Disney's Tomorrowland. USA Law Order: Special Victims Unit Benson and Stabler probe an assault and carjacking, only to find, that it is connected to illegal trafficking in painkillers apparently headed by an elderly woman. (CC) VH1 The Drug Years The counter-culture's drug experimentation filters into established media; the Off Accessories Next veri on Level Authorized Agent Communications 677-0868 1024 Fairview Gas City (behind McDonald's) Famous Amos Cookies: Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. GLTV China Beach McMurphy and K.C. are captured by the Viet and.held prisoner in horrid conditions.

HGTV Decorating Cents Bright summer porch; revamping outdoor living space, HIST Mega Disasters: -Earthquake in the- Heartland The possibility of a killer earthquake striking America's heartland. (CC) Doc Clint treats a wealthy widow; Raul and Justin befriend a handicapped boy. (CC) MTV The Real World Svetlana tattles on Tyler; Tyler plots revenge; the roommates react to Paula's quest. (CC) NGEO Explorer A rig is capable of drilling in the deepest and most turbulent waters and withstanding powerful storms. OLN Shark Hunters: Ultimate Tournament The anglers leave in total darkness and venture 50 to 60 mites off shore in search of the winning shark; one team is accused of cheating.

SPIKE Movie Gun" (1986, Adventure) Tom Cruise. A hot-shot Navy jet pilot downs MiGs TRAV John Ratzenberger's Made in America Mack truck convoy: Milgard windows; Coca-Cola company: (CC) NICK Hi-Jinks Singer Patti LaBelle shatters a glass with her voice; insulting parrot; first car purchase. (CC) TOON Xiaolin Showdown Raimundo loses the Sword of the Storm and must challenge Ninja Tubbimura to a special showdown in order to get it back. (CC) 10:00 p.m. 8 15 Tuesday Night Book Club Seven women share secrets as they deal with the day-today pressures of raising children, running households and handling their husbands in Scottsdale, Ariz.

(CC) 13 33 Law Order: Special Victims Unit A serial pedophile murders members of a family and kidnaps the two younger children. 20 The (CC), Path to Nuclear Fission: The Story of Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn The impact of nuclear fission includes the production of unlimited energy and the threat of nuclear destruction. (CC) 39 Frontline The Bush administration struggles to create a legal framework for aggressively interrogating enemy fighters in the war on terror. (CC) 49 Independent Lens Maverick farmer John Peterson abandoned traditional farming to move toward building an organic and progressive farm community. 55 My Wife and Kids After getting his driver's license, Jr.

buys a clunker instead of the practical car Michael picked out for him. (CC) King of Cars Chop hopes a big Thanksgiving sale will bring in a record number of customers. (CC) ANPL Beastly Countdown Birds; raccoons; co*ckroaches; bears. CMT Morning After: 40 Greatest Drinking Songs Lighthearted history of drinking tunes in country music. COM Dog Bites Man The members of the KHBX news team attend sexual harassment training; Iron Man Bodybuilding competition.

DISC Dirty Jobs Going behind the scenes of Lance- Burton's magic show; a pig farmer finds a way to recycle El Sexiest The 25 sexiest "bad FOOD $40-a-Day Rachael searches for great food deals on Martha's Vineyard. FX Rescue Me Tommy strikes an unusual bargain with his nephew's science teacher; the crew notice Lou is emotionally unraveling: Tommy enjoys tormenting Sean. Gallant Men Conley Wright helps a soldier and a whole town benefits. HGTV House Hunters The pressure is on for an engaged couple to buy a home before their wedding. HIST Mega Movers Mega Movers 'must disassemble and move a tower crane.

that soars 36 stories in downtown Los Angeles. deaths of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix call attention to the darker side of drug use. NICK Full House D.J.'s nerves are put to the test when her entire family invades her college entrance exam. (CC), HBO Movie "The Skeleton Key" (2005, Suspense) Kate Hudson. A nurse works in a New house- with an odd history.

(S) 'PG-13' (CC) SHO Movie "Interview With the Vampire" (1994, Horror) Tom Cruise. (ITV Premiere) A vampire recalls the tragic events of his 200-year life. (S) 'R' 9:30 p.m. 50 Day of Discovery A best-selling novel suggests Jesus had a romantic relationship with Mary Magdalene. 57 Ultimate Choice The teens hike a mile into the mountains and leap off an 80-foot cliff into Emerald Pools.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Beth buys dog a- shirt; the team goes after a regretful mother. (CC) MTV The Real World Zach needs to make a decision about Crystal; Svetlana leaves for home. (CC) STYLE Style Star Celebrity brides launch trends. r..

Chronicle Tribune from Marion, Indiana (2024)


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