Brillion App V1 is now out! (2024)

  • Integration of a banking connection for full custodial ramp-on/off support, guaranteeing bank-level security for funding.
  • Ultra-fast onboarding and customization, providing a seamless gateway to the web3.
  • Implementation of sponsored transactions and two-factor authentication (2FA) features to enhance the web3 experience in the safest manner possible.
  • Introduction of NexeraID KYC as a big step for our composable compliance framework and to be ready for MiCA’s wide adoption.

Throughout 2023, we embarked on a journey filled with unique challenges and the opportunity to discover an incredible community. This period saw us undertake a whole new rebranding and the implementation of top-notch features in our smart wallets, setting a new standard in security and efficiency.
Our efforts over these months, which included offering the smoothest user experience, integrating insights from community feedback, and pioneering unique features, have culminated in a significant milestone and more than 2.5K wallets created in the last months.

We are delighted to announce the debut of our inaugural V1, marking the transition from our beta phase to a new era, here is what we want to showcase today.

Brillion aims to build the smoothest and seamless self-custodial way to access web3. One of the major pain we identify about being involved in web3 is bridging funds on-chain.

We are proud to have achieved one of the key elements of our roadmap to safely, efficiently, and at a low cost, enable anyone to bridge FIAT to crypto in a unique self-custodial way leveraging banking security level.

1- Banking Authentication

Using Brillion V1 will now allow you to in-app safely connect your bank account from more than 5,000+ financial institutions in over 50 countries.

Thanks to this major milestone, we are starting to narrow the gap between Web2 and Web3, merging the two worlds and allowing users to get a full overview of all their assets in one place.

2- Banking Payment (coming soon)

This second step will be implemented in the coming weeks, it will allow users to process payment in-app from the newly connected account. These in-app payments processing will offer a banking level security inside our app giving to users the possibility to manage everything in one place.

3- Fiat <> Crypto (coming soon)

Finally, we need to process the payment and convert FIAT into whichever cryptocurrency the user wants. To achieve this, we will implement in the coming weeks a self-custodial dedicated account for our users in order for them to make payments on it and safely swap funds.

We are deeply committed to the self-custodial aspect of our product; it’s a core part of our values.
These three unique elements will, for the first time in the smart-wallet landscape, create a complete end-to-end self-custodial method for onboarding funds. This approach will significantly reduce risks associated with third-party failures, such as centralized exchanges (cEx), and also drastically decrease fees related to costly ramp-on methods.

In response to feedback about the time it took to access the app in our previous version, we’ve listened and acted. We are now proud to introduce a completely revamped method for accessing Brillion, designed to enhance your experience.

1- Domain Name

One of our core values is returning to users what belongs to them: their identity. Our starting point is to offer users a unique .brillion domain name. This distinct name will simplify exploration, transactions, and the overall experience in Brillion. Don’t wait — reserve yours now!

2- Fast Access

We have improved the way you access the app by processing users’ wallet creation in the background. You can now start interacting within the app just a minute after using your favorite social login.

3- Brillion Avatar

To make it easier to recognize your account at a glance, we have also implemented a selection of pre-defined avatars for your Brillion smart wallet. The collection is currently limited to a few colors, but our designers are working on introducing new, fancy shapes soon! Stay tuned!

A common user experience blocking point users often face is the need to pay gas fees for on-chain interactions. We are excited to announce that our gas-less mechanism is available, which will allow users to pay gas fees using NXRA, USDC, USDT, and DUA tokens. This innovation is expected to facilitate better adoption of DUA and also boost its tokenomics.

To enhance safety in transactions, we have implemented biometric validation using face recognition or fingerprint scanning. If you select biometrics as your login method, you will now also have the option to confirm transactions using the same method.
For other social login, we plan to implement SMS code validation for transactions in the coming weeks.

As you may already be aware, we are collaborating closely with NexeraID technologies. We now enable our users to seamlessly conduct Know Your Customer (KYC) verification directly within the app. This KYC process is the initial step for accessing all the features related to Real-World Assets (RWA) that we plan to implement. We encourage you to complete your KYC as soon as possible, as it might give you a head start when we deploy our first RWA.

We’ve made slight improvements to the app’s design to simplify it, but this is just the beginning. We are preparing to release a completely new design that will make the wallet more beautiful and useful than ever before. Keep an eye on it — you’ll be blown away.

We have other exciting developments in the works, some of which are unique or under non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), so we need to keep them under wraps for now. Rest assured, we will update the community as soon as we can.

We greatly value community feedback. If you find any aspects of this version that don’t seem right to you, please let us know on our social media channels. Feel free to also celebrate the team for their hard work!

2024 is set to be a year full of significant news, so stay tuned!


Lorenzo Nardiello, Head Of Product.

Brillion App V1 is now out! (2024)


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