Baby Clothes at Babies R Us (2024)

Choosing Baby and Toddler Clothes for your Little One!

How do I choose clothes for my baby?

Ultimately, your choice of baby clothes depends on you and your preferences. A few general tips to get started on buying baby clothes are:

  • Start with the basics such as bodysuits, sleepwear, pants, and shirts.
  • Consider practicality and function in terms of putting clothes on, and overall comfort for your baby to wear.
  • Buy for the season and choose light weight clothing for spring/summer, and warmer clothing for autumn/winter.

What different types of baby clothes are there?

There is a wide variety of baby and toddler clothes available. You can find everything from practical every day items to cute and trendy clothes for babies and toddlers!

  • Baby bodysuits: Bodysuits, aka onsies, one-pieces, jumpsuits or rompers, can be easier to put on than separate tops and bottoms, and they often have built-in footies to keep your baby's feet warm.
  • Baby singlets: Baby singlets, undershirts or tank tops, are a staple in most babies' wardrobes. They can be worn on their own or layered under other clothes.
  • Baby and Toddler Socks: Socks are a must-have for keeping your baby's and todder's feet warm, and they can also help prevent slips and falls.
  • Tops and bottoms: Shirts, t-shirts, cardigans, jumpers, pants, leggings, and shorts can give you more options for mixing and matching different outfits, and easily changing when you need to.
  • Baby Dresses: Dresses are always a popular option for baby girls. They can be easy to put on, and they're often very cute!
  • Baby and Toddler Outerwear: There is a variety of outerwear options available for babies, like jackets, coats, and hats. Be sure to choose items that are appropriate for the weather and your baby's comfort.
  • Baby and Toddler Sleepwear: It's important to have several comfy sleepwear options for your baby. You'll want to choose items that are warm and breathable, like cotton pyjamas. Baby sleeping bags are also a popular option.
  • Baby and Toddler Swimwear: Nappy pants are a must for any baby who will be spending time in the water! These help to contain any accidents and make sure that your baby stays comfortable. Also remember SPF sunscreen and sun protective clothing for kids of all ages.

What is the best thing to dress a newborn in?

Most parents agree that the best thing to dress a newborn in is something that is comfortable, soft, and easy to put on, especially while you are nursing and feeding. Many new parents also prefer newborn clothing that is machine-washable and doesn't require a lot of special care. In general, light-weight and natural fabrics are good choices for newborns.

What are some tips for dressing a baby?

A few general tips to keep in mind when dressing your baby are:

  • Always make sure that their clothing is comfortable and not too tight.
  • Be sure to dress your baby according to the weather. If it's cold outside, dress them in warm clothes. If it's hot, dress them in cool, breathable clothing.
  • Avoid dressing your baby in clothes with small buttons or other small parts that could come off and pose a choking hazard.
  • Always make sure that the clothing you dress your baby in is clean and unsoiled.

How many baby clothes do I need?

It really varies depending on how often you do laundry and your baby's sleeping habits. A good rule of thumb is to have at least enough clothes to get you through a few days without doing laundry. This way you won't have to wash clothes every day, and you'll always have a backup in case of accidents.

How quickly do babies outgrow clothes?

It varies from baby to baby, but most babies outgrow their clothes relatively quickly. It's not uncommon for a baby to need a new size every few months, especially in the first year. Be sure to keep an eye on how your baby is growing, and don't hesitate to size up if you think they might need it. It's better to have clothes that are a little too big than to try and squeeze your baby into something that's too small.

Do you need nursery drawers for baby clothes?

Nursery drawers can be just the right size to store your little one's belongings. They are usually designed to be compact, sturdy, and often come with safety features such as soft-close drawers to protect little fingers!

Baby Clothes at Babies R Us (2024)


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